Website speed optimization

A website that is taking ages (or even a few seconds) to load is surely an arrow to your business's knee. Get rid of the problem, improve your website's loading speed and open the gate for new opportunities and customers.

I can increase your website's loading speed by up to 80%.
Think what this could mean for your business.
Website speed optimization
Website speed optimization

Website speed optimization — why do you need it?

Customers don’t like to wait. They want to have everything here and now. If you do not provide them with a fast and light website, they will probably knock on the door of your competition.

Fortunately, nothing is lost. Your can get ahead by optimizing the loading time of your website with some help of a specialist.

In most cases you could enjoy a new, speedy version of your website within 3 days of placing your order.

What is loading speed optimization?

No website is identical, so improving your loading speed requires an individual approach every time. The basic process is to find and eliminate problems that repeat on most subpages.

The most frequently required fixes made as part of the service are:

  • image optimization (e.g. compressing or adjusting their size);
  • reduction and optimization of javascript, css and html files;
  • reduction of resources loaded by the website, and thus  number requests to the server;
  • improving the configuration of server cache and instructions for the client browser cache;
  • database optimization;
  • finding and eliminating problems that repeat in the content or code of most subpages;
  • changing heavy and slow scripts/plugins to much faster alternatives.

Before each page optimization, I test and save the results in order to compare the changes achieved.

Website speed optimization

What to do when your website is loading very slowly?

No matter how exceptional your products or services would be, customers can wait for them a maximum of 3 seconds. When the page loading time is longer, the risk of canceling your offer is enormous. The extended page load time also has a negative impact on positioning.

All you have to do is let me know of your needs website speed optimization needs and I will take care of the rest.

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