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Collection of information and their use collects email addresses of people who communicate with us by e-mail, as well as information sent voluntarily via the contact form, participation in surveys or subscriptions to the newsletter.

We also save anonymous analytical data regarding the use of the website. The information collected in this way does not allow the identification of a specific user. We use them to improve the quality of our services and only for this purpose we collect them.

Your data uses the services of external entities – suppliers of hardware, software, network services and data storage as well as other technologies that are necessary for the functioning of the website. As a user, you retain all rights to your data. We will never share them or sell them to third parties without your consent. All entities involved in the data processing process meet the conditions of the GDPR and provide security measures for entities from outside the EU.


Cookies (cookies) are text files that are saved on the disk of the user’s end device through the browser you use. We use cookies to store the visitor’s preferences, recognize the device when re-connecting, track the path visited by the user subpages, provide services (including advertising) tailored to the user, and analyze and improve the comfort of using the site.

Third party cookies

By using the site you can receive cookies from external entities that can use the collected data to track your browser on many websites and personalized customization of content or ads.

How can you manage your cookies?

Most of the browsers used, both on computers and other devices accept cookies by default. If you want to change these default settings for this or other websites, you can do it using the settings in your browser. If you are not sure how to change these settings, use the “help” in the menu of your browser. Before you decide to change the default settings, however, remember that many cookies help to improve the convenience of using the site. Disabling cookies may affect how the page in your browser will appear or may limit some of the features available on the website. More information on blocking cookie files in your browser is available at the following link:

Technologies uses among others the following technologies that can observe the actions taken by users on the website or store information about them:

  • Built-in Google Analytics code – analysis of website statistics on the basis of cookies stored by the service used to store information, e.g. from which page the user has visited the current page;
  • Facebook conversion pixel – management of Facebook ads and conducting remarketing activities;
  • Facebook Customer Chat – a platform that allows real-time conversations between users of the site registered and logged in on the Facebook social platform and the owner of the website. 

Social tools

This page uses plugins and tools provided by social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn.

By displaying this website, your browser can establish a direct connection to social network administrators (service providers) servers that provide such plugins or tools. The data from the plugin is transmitted by the given service provider directly to your browser and integrated with the website. This integration allows the service provider to receive information regarding the display of this page, including if you do not have an account with your service provider or if you are not logged in. This data (along with your IP address) is sent by your browser directly to the server of a given service provider (servers can be located in the USA, for example) and stored there.

If you display this page while logged in to one of the social networking sites, the service provider will be able to assign your visit to a specific profile in a given social network.

Data on interactions with plugins (eg clicking on the “Like” button) are also sent to the servers of the given service provider and stored there.

The data on visits and interactions collected in this way may be published in the social networking sites and (depending on the privacy settings of your profile) visible to the public or for people marked as your contacts. The purpose and scope of data collection and their further processing and use by service providers, as well as the possibility of contact and your rights in this area and the possibility of making settings to protect your privacy are described in the privacy policy of individual service providers.

If you do not want social networking sites to assign data collected during the visit to this website directly to your profile in a given website, then before you visit this site you have to log out of this site. You can also completely prevent loading on the plugin page using the appropriate extensions for your browser, e.g. blocking scripts.


At we do not use advertising platforms.


All data and information sent by the website are secured by SSL protocol.

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