On-site SEO audit & optimization

Meeting SEO requirements is very important - it allows you to effectively increase the visibility of your content or products. SEO audit and technical configuration of the website is the basic element of the website optimization process, which allows the search engine to correctly index and "understand" your website.
On-site SEO audit & optimization
On-site SEO audit & optimization

Check if your website is using its SEO potential

When ordering an SEO audit, you will learn what exactly needs to be improved to meet search engine standards and improve your visibility on the web. An SEO audit is a list of technical errors that need to be corrected and tips that can often make it easier for search engines to “understand” your website.

The SEO audit consists of, among others:

  • checking the website in terms of adjusting its elements for proper indexing by search engines;
  • analysis of page loading speed and indication of areas for improvement;
  • guidelines for managing content on the website in accordance with the standards.
On-site SEO audit & optimization

Got SEO Recommendations? I will help you implement them

If you already have a list of guidelines and changes that you want to introduce on your website – contact me! I am happy to help not only with the implementation of an SEO audit, but also give tips on how to avoid other SEO errors in the future.

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